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27 December 2017

Finland, a great nation of ice hockey, just turned 100 years old. Tackla's story springs from the Finnish entrepreneurial spirit and the Northern people's love for sports – especially ice hockey. In 2018, the Finnish ice hockey will celebrate its 90th anniversary. Tackla has been a part of its story for over 50 years.

The Finnish ice hockey has seen many great moments. One of them was winning the World Championship in 1995. Around the same time, Finland began to rise from a long period of financial depression, and many have considered this victory and the ensuing excitement as the first sign of better times coming.

The World Championship story was made into a movie, 95, as one of the culture projects for Finland's 100th anniversary. Tackla was involved in the story in 1995, supplying the equipment for the national Finnish ice hockey team, the Lions of Finland. Tackla wanted to be involved in the telling of the story, too, and is one of the sponsors for the movie. The movie premiered at Christmas and it will be in theaters for a while, so go and see it on the big screen.

Finnish work and development continues at Tackla. In 1969, Tackla introduced the first modern-style hockey pants. Next year, in 2018, Tackla will make hockey pant history again. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

Tackla Sgueeze Jocks


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