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Tackla Bamboo Underwear set Jr

Product Code: 53277
Lightweight but warm 2-piece underwear set for training and action sports. Raglan sleeves with flexible flatlock seams. Material: bamboo fabric to keep you comfortable. Color : Black

Bamboo fiber is very comfortable against the skin and it stays dry by wicking moisture which in turn helps to maintain optimal body temperature and dryness. Bamboo fabric is exceptionally soft and light and feels silky against the skin. Bamboo is ecological and sustainable fiber, it grows fast and does not require fertilizing or pest control. Bamboo is able to adapt easily to changing temperatures, climates and soil conditions and can grow almost everywhere. It also releases a lot of oxygen to the atmosphere.

Weight: 199 g/m²
93 % Bamboo fiber
7 % Elastane

Sizing cm:
122 / 128
134 / 140
146 / 152
158 / 164
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  1. Size
  2. 122/128
    Price:  64.80 €
  3. 134/140
    Price:  64.80 €
  4. 146/152
    Price:  64.80 €
  5. 158/164
    Price:  64.80 €
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