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SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System

Product Code: 55689

SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System

SuperDeker for all level hockey players. Fun and interactive for improved stick technics, passing, reaction speed and eye hand coordination. Bright blinking lights, so you can practice peripheral vision as close to real thing as possible.


SuperDeker board size 173 x 74 cmwith optimal glide. You have 45 seconds to take the puck beyond light sensors as many times as possible. Light are random and when the puck passes it, you hear a beep sound and new lights comes up. Easy to setup without tools in few minutes.

SuperDeker three game options

1) TRAINING - Improve stick technics
2) HOT SHOT - Advanced training
3) SPEED PASSING - Improve passing

Each game lasts for 45 seconds. As in a real game, you don't know what happens next. Prepare for fun!

SuperDeker includes

SuperDeker Board 173 x 74 cm - Durable material with glide close resemblance to real ice.
SuperDeker ePuck –: Puck for SuperDeker. Behaves as real puck and weighs as much as real puck.
SuperDeker Score Board - Choose game, check time and beat the records.
SuperDeker Rebounder Bands - Returns pucks with precision.
SuperDeker Zero Friction Ice Spray - If you practice a lot, remember to treat the surface.
SuperDeker Power Charger EU Standard - EU standard cord for SuperDeker
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Price:  399.00 €
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