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Iron Gym Exercise Band Set 3 pcs

Product Code: 50032
The IRON GYM Exercise Band Set is a great addition to any strength training routine or rehabilitation program. With IRON GYM Exercise Band Set you can do dozens of exercises anywhere, anytime!

Exercise Band Set is perfect for Warm Ups, Rehabilitation, Stretching and Resistance Training.

Resistance Level Adjustable by Using One or Multiple Bands Together
Reduce Risk of Injury
Intensify Your Training
Easily Adjusted for Targeted Warm Ups & Exercises
Perfect for all fitness levels!


Set of 3 Exercise Bands:
Easy: 2 - 3 kg (4 - 6 lbs)
Medium: 4 - 5 kg (8 - 10 lbs)
Hard: 7 - 8 kg (16 - 18 lbs)
Essential for Warm Ups and Rehabilitation
Band Length 120 cm (47"), Width 15 cm (5.9")
Non-Slip Latex Rubber

Original IRON GYM Product - Accept No Imitations!
Non-Slip Latex Rubber

IRON GYM Exercise Bands set of 3
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Availability: Immediately from stock 3 pcs, otherwise delivery time is 5 days

Price:  24.95 €
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