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Iron Gym Dual Ab Wheel

Product Code: 50026
Dual Ab Wheel by IRON GYM® lets you do all of the exercises you need to get a ripped six-pack, powerful core, chiseled shoulders, bulging biceps, carved triceps, increased endurance and a supercharged metabolism!


Heavy-Duty Construction
Anti-Slip, Comfortable Handles
Double-Wide Wheel

The ab roll is one of the simplest and quickest proven exercises known to man. It tones and strengthens your abs, shoulders, arms and back and it will even tone and strengthen those hard to reach lower and inner abdominals muscles, all without the need for doing hundreds of sit-ups or crunches.

Building a strong and stable core helps you in all your physical activities and it helps decrease your risk of injuries. Dual Ab Wheel by IRON GYM is super effective in strengthening your core, not only because it targets your abs, but also because it works the muscles of your lower back, shoulder and arms.

Your spine maintains its perfect position when your core muscles are well-balanced. This gives you good posture and provides a solid basis for the rest of your muscles and body movements. It helps to prevent lower back pain as well as improves sports performance and every day movements

When you exercise with Dual Ab Wheel, you have to support your whole body weight while you roll, this forces your core muscles to work together and contract as a group, whereas exercises that target only your abs or your back may result in a core muscular imbalance.

Original IRON GYM Product - Accept No Imitations!
Heavy-Duty Construction
Anti-Slip, Comfortable Handles
Double-Wide Wheel

Dual Ab Wheel by IRON GYM
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