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TacklaPro Oy Customer Register

Register according to the Personal Data Act (523/199)

1. Register controller
TacklaPro Oy
Hyrymäenkatu 3, 53550 Lappeenranta
(+358) 10 778 5900

2. Register contact person
Petri Nylund

3. Register name
TacklaPro Oy customer register

4. Purpose of personal data collection
The controller of the register handles customer personal data for the following reasons:
- customer relationship management
- reservation management
- payment processing and monitoring and credit checks
- marketing of the register controller’s services
- monitoring customer satisfaction

5. Register content
Registered name, address, phone number, email

6. Regulatory information source
Customer concerned information is collected directly from the customer.

7.Regulatory information transfer outside of EU and Eurozone
Customer register information is not transferred or disclosed outside of the EU or Eurozone.

8. Principles of data protection
The register is located in the company’s electronic system. The system is protected in normal business procedures with existing methods. Access to the system can only be gained through a personal username and password, which the system administrator grants to company personnel or a service provider who acts on behalf of the company. The offices are protected by monitoring access.

Information about website analytics

This website uses Google Inc.’s (Google) website analytics software Google Analytics. The analytics software executes JavaScript code in the service with every loaded page. Google Analytics identifies visitors using cookies, which are files stored by the browser. Site usage data is transmitted to and stored in Google’s services, and Google uses this data to offer reports about website usage, which TacklaPro then utitlizes to track usage of and improve the service.

TacklaPro website may be using other website anlytics software in addition to Google Analytics, which may preserve more detailed visitor information than Google Analytics. The usage areas and usage periods of these other software programs are typically limited and they are typically associated with development of the website or its individual services (e.g., tracking mouse movements on a renewed webpage or a/b testing of a renewed webpage before publication.)

Information or statistics gathered through website analytics are not connected to user registration information. Google may transmit website analytics information to third parties, or Google or TacklaPro can use third parties as subcontractors for data handling.

The user can prevent the use of cookies by activating cookie prevention in the browser’s settings. In this case, the user may not be able to take advantage of all website functionality.

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