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Looking For a Sales and Marketing Pro
15 March 2017

Your customers will be a mixed group of intense young people from all kinds of backgrounds, at a sensitive stage in their lives. Some dream of NHL, some cannot say why they've come. One loves to learn, another is driven by success, while yet another just wants to spend time with friends. What they all have in common is ice hockey and being vulnerable to both good and bad influences.

And here's what you will be marketing to them: good manners and polite language, respect for others, honesty, fair play and teamwork, courage in the face of setbacks. To be successful, you need to lead by setting an example. You'll also need to be able to grasp situations quickly, get involved, communicate well, and enjoy serving others. Your work will give you a lot in return: not only hundreds of hours spent with amazing makers and doers of the future but also better team spirit, wonderful memories, and success stories with fewer hard knocks.

Tackla appreciates the value of all the work done for and with young people. Tackla also wants to do its part in creating an even better environment for young ice hockey players, which is one way to improve both the reputation and the future of the sport. The foundation is laid in hockey schools and age group teams. Thousands of volunteers are working with these groups, and their role is vitally important for the success of this work.

During the spring 2017, Tackla will select and reward 10 people who have been doing volunteer work with young hockey players for more than 10 years. You can be our head hunter and nominate the person we are looking for. Send us a suggestion with the name and sports club of the person as well as the reasons why you want this person to be rewarded. You can send your suggestion via Facebook or using the contact form on our website: The selections will be published on our Facebook page: Tackla Hockey at

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