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Ice Hockey

Fair Game

Ice Hockey Equipment

Tackla is best known as an ice hockey gear supplier. We have supplied ice hockey gear and equipment for novice and professional players and all in between for over 50 years. Our collection includes hockey gloves, hockey pants, hockey sticks, hockey and practice jerseys, hockey socks, hockey protection such as shoulder guards, visors, neck guards, elbow guards, jock guards, shin guards, cut resistant socks and wrist protections, sports bags and supplies, not to forget goalkeeper pants and sticks. We also offer referee jackets and pants. View our selection and ask the customer service to see the whole collection base. We offer corporate and team wear with custom made printing. Browse also our complete Tackla catalogs on the Catalogs page.

 Tackla Zone II Underwear Unisex
Tackla Breezer Hockey Pants
Tackla 5000X ProZone Hockey Gloves

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