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Stores and info +358 (0)10 778 5900



Export Petri Nylund +358 (0)50 025 2744

B2B Corporation Concept Petri Nylund +358 (0)50 025 2744

Tackla/Joma South Finland Teemu Häkkinen +358 (0)40 580 1227

Tackla/Joma East & Middle Finland Olli-Pekka Laitinen +358 (0)40 589 0457

Tackla/Joma Tampere, Pirkanmaa Aleksi Havulehto +358 (0)400 344 288


Retail/Lappeenranta Petri Nylund +358 (0)50 025 2744

Retail/Helsinki Teemu Häkkinen +358 (0)40 580 1227

Retail/Helsinki Klaus Häkkinen +358 (0)40 419 9675


PRODUCTS IN TACKLA CENTERS (Note. All webshop products are not on display at Tackla Centers, either order the product with Pick Up at Tackla Center delivery option and you will be informed when your product is available or you can always call to see if the product is on display.)

Tackla Center Lappeenranta >>

Tackla Center Helsinki >>



Company web site

business id code: 0912000-9, ALV/VAT code: FI09120009

We have transferred from manual into electronic invoicing and our preferred method to receive invoces is in electronic form. If your company does not have an opportunity to deliver electronic invoicing nor use email invoicing process, you can send paper invoices to scanner service address. We do not accept invoices to our businessa address.

1. Electronic invoicing

Petcons / Tackla Pro Oy, 0912000-9
Electronic address: 003709120009
Transferrer id in bank transfer: DABAFIHH*
*Use this transferrer id if your invoicing system does not support direct sending to Maventa transferrer id.

Electronic address: FI8010913000348336

2. Sending invoices with email

This email is only for invoices. Invoices should be sent as PDF files and all attachments need to be within the same file as the invoice. Invoices email address:

- You can send several invoices in one message with each invoice uniquely named in separate PDF file.
- Max size for one file is 5Mb.
- PDF files need to be genuine PDF documents with version 1.3 or newer format.
- PDF files cannot be password protected or locked.
- Document measures max 210 x 297 mm.
- File name can have letters and numbers a-z, A-Z, 0-9. Please do not use special marks.




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