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Bandy Gear

Bandy is the world’s second popular winter sport. Bandy is played with skates on ice like ice hockey, but like field hockey, players use bowed sticks and a small ball, and the playing field is a football field size of area. Rules and principles are in many ways similar to football rules such as play time is 2x45 minutes. It is less aggressive than ice hockey and much of the physical contact is prohibited. The Bandy Playing Rules can be found on the official website of the Federation of International Bandy. In 2016 The Finnish Bandy League was won in Tackla game outfits! Our collection includes bandy gloves, bandy pants, bandy sticks, bandy and practice jerseys, bandy socks, bandy equipment bags and supplies. We also offer referee jackets and pants. View our selection and ask the customer service to see the whole collection base. We offer corporate and team wear with custom made printing. Browse also our complete Tackla catalogs on the Catalogs page.

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