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Adult Ice Hockey School
10 November 2016

We remember the smell of the changing rooms at the ice rink though it's been decades since we were there. The winters of our childhood were long, and we played as much ice hockey as we could wish. There were many friends to play with, and the young "Bobby Orrs" and "Mike Bossys" of the backyard games scored even more goals than their heroes.

Ice hockey is the most popular sport to watch in Finland, but it is not played as much by the people reaching middle age. People may wonder if there is any ice time available at the ice skating hall, could I get there, and would there be anyone to play with. And do I need to have all the equipment? Tackla wants to promote ice hockey playing as a hobby for adults. We have started a company project that we are calling Tackla Adult Ice Hockey School. Our goal is to facilitate the organization of opportunities for as many adults as possible to learn and enjoy this great sport easily, simply, and safely, supervised by professionals and using professional-grade equipment.

The main idea of the ice hockey school is to make it possible, safe and inexpensive for adults to play ice hockey as a hobby. Ice time at ice skating halls is in great demand and relatively expensive, but if you split the costs with 30 friends, the cost is not too much – as long as someone does the organizing. Here, we challenge the sports clubs to take on a new role and also see new ways of earning money.

When adult men are skating and shooting the puck, you don't want to be a cheapskate where safety is concerned. Because of this, Tackla is committed to producing equipment packages that make it easy to start and safe to play, yet keep the costs reasonable. All the equipment does not have to be bought, because it's possible to try and borrow things and pass some on from one user to another. Here, too, sports clubs can both serve the community and also earn money.

During this season, Tackla will continue the Tackla Adult Ice Hockey School project and find out, together with some partner sports clubs, what would make supervised adult ice hockey an interesting hobby and activity both for prospective players and the sports clubs. If we find a workable format, we're ready to keep working on productizing it, so that we can provide sports clubs with a concept they can adopt easily. We're calling it Tackla Adult Ice Hockey School for now (name suggestions are welcome).

There's always a winner in a game, but everyone wins at Tackla Adult Ice Hockey School. The clubs get new members, equipment retailers get new customers, and many adults have a chance to find a new hobby and at the same time get to know great hockey people. It is a great opportunity to share the hobby with their children and thus support them even better with newly acquired skills and knowledge of hockey.

Tackla Sgueeze Jocks


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